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OSHA/MSHA Penalties to Increase on January 15


Serious/OTS: increase from $13,653 to $14,502

Repeat/Willful: increase from $136,532 to $145,027


Regular Assessments now range from $148-$79,428, the previous maximum penalty was $74,775

104(d)1 Citations/Orders: minimum penalties increase from $2,493 to $2,648

104(d)2 Orders: minimum penalties increase from $4,983 to $5,293

Late Reporting (30 CFR § 50.10): minimum penalties increase from $6,232 to $6,620

Failure to Abate: $8,605 per day (formerly $8,101)

Flagrant penalty maximum increases from $274,175 to $291,234

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