• Josh Schultz, Esq.

Oregon OSHA Removes Indoor Masking Requirements

On March 18, 2022, Oregon OSHA amended their Rule Addressing COVID-19 Workplace Risks to remove the indoor masking requirements and most other provisions. The amendment followed the expiration of Oregon Health Authority rules requiring masks in indoor public places and schools.

Although the amendment repeals the indoor masking requirements, some provisions also remain in place for all Oregon workplaces. The provisions require employers to allow workers to voluntarily use facial coverings and provide facial coverings at no cost to workers. Additionally, employers must facilitate COVID-19 testing for workers if such testing is conducted at the employer’s direction by ensuring the employer covers the costs associated with that testing, including employee time and travel.

Oregon OSHA also recommends that employers should: Continue to optimize the use of ventilation systems to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission; follow Oregon Health Authority, public health, or medical provider recommendations for isolation or quarantine of employees for COVID-19; and provide notice to workers who have had a potential work-related exposure to COVID-19 within 24 hours.

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