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Dept. of Labor Announces New Penalties

OSHA & MSHA have announced new penalties, with the increase effective January 15, 2021, for penalties assessed on that date or later (even if citations were issued previously). The new maximum civil penalty amounts:

OSHA - Willful and repeat violations ($136,532 max and $9,753 min), Serious ($13,653) and Failure to Abate ($13,653 per day)

MSHA - Maximum for flagrant violations ($274,175), maximum for regular company assessments and personal fines ($74,775, with $139 minimum), late reporting of accidents ($6,232 minimum), failure to abate ($8,101 per day), and mandatory minimums for Section 104d1 violations ($2,493) and Section 104d2 orders ($4,983).

For assistance in defending against citations, contact the Law Office at 301-595-3520 (eastern) or 303-228-2170 (western).


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