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COVID-19 ETS Goes into Effect Today

As of today, OSHA's ETS for COVID-19 Vax/Test is partially in effect. It could still be stayed or invalidated by SCOTUS, but as of now employers with 100+ employees company-wide will be covered. The following chart shows what's currently in effect, and what comes into effect next month. The Law Office is currently assisting employers in developing plan templates, training, and other compliance assistance services.

By January 10, 2022: Establish policy on vaccination (1910.501(d)) Determine vax status of each employee, obtain acceptable proof, maintain records/roster of status Provide support for employee vaccination (PTO) Require employees to promptly provide notice of positive C-19 test or C-19 diagnosis Remove any employee who received positive test/diagnosis Ensure employees who are not fully vaxxed wear face coverings when indoors or when occupying vehicle with another person for work purposes Provide each employee with info on ETS, workplace policies, vax efficacy, safety and health benefits, protections against retaliation/discrimination, and laws providing criminal penalties for false docs Report work-related C-19 hospitalizations and fatalities to OSHA Make certain records available to workers, their authorized reps and to OSHA

By February 9, 2022 Ensure employees who are not fully vaccinated are tested for C-19 at least weekly (if in the workplace at least once/wk) or within 7 days before returning to work (if away for a week or longer)

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